What is scent marketing?

Scenting allows you to connect with your customer on an emotional level and make your brand more powerful and memorable. Subtly diffusing pleasant aromas in your business can inspire loyalty and create a more pleasurable experience for your guests. Harnessing the power of emotion linked with a smell. We help our clients to create unique and memorable environments, fix problems with bad odors, and brand products. Our designated fragrance designers can develop any fragrance or combination of fragrances, just for you.

Why does Scent Marketing Work?

Scent Marketing, with its subtler approach, is very unassuming and on a subconscious level, giving the customer an invisible key to the “driver’s seat”. Scent is the strongest of the five senses tied to memory and emotion. This gives scent marketing the perfect opportunity to attract customers by playing an essential role in transforming perceptions and creating an experience for maximum effect. It helps to explore more opportunities for business and helps to further push the essence of a company’s brand.


Walking into your business becomes more than just a chore, it becomes an experience


The perception of your brand immediately grows once a customer steps into your place of business.


Customers stay longer in a pleasant smelling space. Studies have shown up to 44%

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